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Cool Website Alert: Jazz

For a musician with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to get better, the internet can be a wonderful thing. I am always checking out YouTube videos, websites and blogs that deal with topics that are near and dear

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A Musical Offering: J.S. Bach’s Crab Cannon

And now for something a little different. . . What we have below is a video that illustrates a cool little musical puzzle from one the greatest musicians ever, J.S. Bach. It’s the first piece from Bach’s “Musical Offering”, a

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Altered States: Guitar Fretboard Logic Part VII

Hi Campers. Welcome to the final installment of my series on guitar fretboard logic. Last post, I talked about eleventh and thirteenth chords. At this point, if we extend the major scale any further, we would just be repeating notes.

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“To Infinity And Beyond”. . .: Guitar Fretboard Logic Part VI

In my previous post, I began to talk about chords with extended harmony. Extended harmony could be defined as intervals greater than an octave. Last post we talked about ninth chords. With this post we will discuss eleventh and thirteenth

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“If Two Were Nine . . .”: Guitar Fretboard Logic Part V

Thank you to all those who have stuck through my series of posts explaining my take of guitar fretboard logic. We started with using octave shapes to help in quickly identify the note at any point on the fretboard. We

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Three Will Get You Four: Guitar Fretboard Logic Part IV

We are continuing our discussion of guitar fretboard harmony. In previous posts, I outlined how you can play a given major chord anywhere along the guitar neck. We then saw how you can convert the major chord into a minor

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Major To Minor: Guitar Fretboard Logic Part III

In my previous post, I discussed how one can use five interlocking chord shapes to play a given major chord along the entire guitar neck. While currently being referred to as the CAGED system (because the shapes correspond to the

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