“Rollin In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”: A Guide To Bluegrass History By Subgenre

A little while back I got on a bluegrass kick. I even learned a little bit of dobro (see https://roymusicusa.com/2021/06/28/seven-year-twitch-a-long-strange-trip-and-the-debut-album-of-wire-wood-steel/). While I wasn’t a complete stranger to the history of Bluegrass, I was aware that there were big gaps in my knowledge of the music. For example, I heard of the New Grass Revival but I had not actually heard them and I really had no context to appreciate their place in Bluegrass.

This brings me to the You Tube channel Lessons With Marcel (https://www.youtube.com/@LessonsWithMarcel). His channel is a goldmine of info for bluegrass guitar. There are a countless number of guitar transcriptions, interviews and history. Below is an excellent quick introduction to the assorted subgenres of Bluegrass. If you’re diving into bluegrass, you can now get a sense of where Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle fit into the whole Bluegrass picture and how David Grisman and Tony Rice are connected to Greensky Bluegrass and The Infamous Stringducters.

A Guide to Bluegrass History by Subgenre

Also, check out the website (https://lessonswithmarcel.com/) for lessons, merch, etc. Support the artist.

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