“Seven Year Twitch” : A Long Strange Trip and The Debut Album of Wire Wood & Steel

I realized this month that I’ve been writing this blog for seven years with at least two post a month without a break. Why have I done this for that long? Because I’m a music nerd and one thing that I’ve noticed that music nerds love to do is turn people on to music that they think is cool. Yeah, I’m that annoying friend who made tapes (remember them?) for other people of bands they should check out or the one who wants to go see some weird band they read about.

But do you know what is really cool? Seeing that someone from another part of the world found something I wrote to be worth the time to read. Hopefully, something I put out there will lead some aspiring musician to listen to a someone who will inspire them the way my musical heroes inspired me.

With that said, I would like to announce the release of the debut album of my newest musical project, Wire Wood & Steel. It’s an acoustic music based instrumental project featuring myself on guitars, dobro and bass playing original music and featuring my cover of the classic Grateful Dead tune “Friend Of The Devil”.

The complete album is embedded below so please check it out. Hit the Like button, share it with others and do all that internet stuff you’re suppose to do.

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5 comments on ““Seven Year Twitch” : A Long Strange Trip and The Debut Album of Wire Wood & Steel
  1. cmphd1 says:

    Just started listening (Better Say Yes). Very much enjoying so far, looking forward to the rest. It’s not just nice to hear reactions from far away places, it’s nice to have a friend so willing to share his passions.

    > WordPress.com

  2. RoyMusicUSA says:

    Thanks for your very kind word as always.

  3. Alàn says:

    Soothing. 😉

    Discovered a nice wavelength surfing this evening…

  4. […] little while back I got on a bluegrass kick. I even learned a little bit of dobro (see https://roymusicusa.com/2021/06/28/seven-year-twitch-a-long-strange-trip-and-the-debut-album-of-wire…). While I wasn’t a complete stranger to the history of Bluegrass, I was aware that there were […]

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