“Stick With It” . . . : Hector Otto and the Chapman Stick Guitar (SG-12)

I first became aware of Hector Otto, also known as Hectory, while I was looking at the website of Chapman Stick Enterprises. I had been fooling around with a Chapman Stick that I got off Ebay but I was feeling that the standard setup was not working for me. The classic Stick tuning is pretty convoluted compared with that of the guitar and I was having a hard time adjusting, Then I saw a video of Hectory playing the SG-12 Chapman Stick Guitar on the Stick Enterprises site. I immediately recognized the chord shapes he was using and unlike standard Stick technique, he was playing with his hands not crossing over each other, which made much more sense to me.

After a fairly long break, I picked up my Stick Guitar recently. It was good to know that I hasn’t lost what little technique I had on the instrument and for inspiration, I revisited the video that got me started.

Hector Otto – SG-12

I also saw that Hectory has been putting out other video of his playing the SG-12. These video are his covers of assorted pop tunes which show off the potential of the instrument by giving the listener some familiar context. These videos include a whole series of Beatles covers that are amazing.

Hector Otto – Blackbird

Hector Otto – The Long and Winding Road

Across the Universe

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

A final show stopper

Bohemian Rhapsody

I’m not sure if I’m going to go playing the SG-12 on a regular basis since I have other projects I’m working on (which I hope to begin putting out before the end of the year) but just watching what this instrument can do is inspiring to me and gives me something to shoot for.

Also, as a final note, Chapman Stick Enterprises refers to SG-12 as a “Stick Guitar’ so spare me any comments of “don’t call it a guitar, it’s a Chapman Stick”.

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