“You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do” . . : Changing Guitar Strings

If you’re a guitarist like me, you are not fond of having to change your strings. As a result, I sometimes keep the strings on a guitar longer than they should, usually till they are so worn out that they no longer stay in tune for any real length of time. As I was changing stings on my acoustic guitars and encountering the usual headaches such as the string tension slipping, it occurred to me that maybe I should see if I could do this better.

The video offers a clear simple explanation of the luthier’s knot and I have to say it really works.

Tech Tip: How to Tie a Luthier’s Knot When Changing Strings

Changing strings are a lot more complicated since nylon string guitars require knots on both ends of the string. The video below offers as good a tutorial on the subject as I have seen.

How to Change Classical Guitar Strings (step by step restring)

Oh, and if you haven’t done so, get a string winder. They’re cheap and make you life easier.

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