“What I Did On My Permanent Vacation” . . : New Music Project

Like many at the start of their self isolation, I thought this would be a good opportunity to be productive. There were projects that were on my ‘to do’ list: organize papers, clean closets . . .

Yeah, that hasn’t happened. I must say however that I did get one thing accomplished; I started learning the dobro.

I have previously written about th dobro (see https://roymusicusa.com/2019/10/31/that-high-lonesome-sound-a-very-quick-intro-to-the-dobro/). I’ve always loved the sound of the instrument and earlier this year (before the world as we know it ended) I decided to give myself a present by getting myself one. I was able to find a cheap dobro online (if you’re interested, here is the link to amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ktone-Acoustic-Electric-Resonator-Natural/dp/B00DVWAOGO). In addition to being cheap enough to be willing to take a chance on, it was also an electric acoustic model which would make recording easier by allowing to just plug it into an audio interface rather than miking it. Just to be clear, it’s not the greatest dobro. There were some quality control issues: a rattle that required me to disassemble the faceplate to correct the problem and a tuning peg issue that I’ve found a work around for but will require more attention once I can get to a guitar store. That being said, it’s good enough for me to learn on and it’s been a blast. Because I have experience playing slide guitar and fingerpicking, I’m not starting from absolute zero but the tuning is different and hell, it’s played lap style, so it’s not without some transitional effort.

So anyway, I’m starting a new music project called Wire, Wood & Steel which will feature new acoustic based music. I hope to start recording soon (another of those projects . . ) and put out short videos. The first one is of an original tune in honor of our front line workers called 7 O’clock Song.

Wire Wood & Steel : 7 O’clock Song –

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2 comments on ““What I Did On My Permanent Vacation” . . : New Music Project
  1. […] start of a new music project that would focus on acoustic music called Wire, Wood & Steel (see https://roymusicusa.com/2020/05/11/what-i-did-on-my-permanent-vacation-new-music-project/) starting with a video of myself playing an original song on the dobro.  I’ve now added two […]

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