“Playing In The Band” . . : An Interactive GD Experience

This should of interest to all my fellow Deadheads out there. It’s obvious appeal is the musicians among you but I believe this would be illuminating to any fan of the music. It’s a new feature on the official Grateful Dead website (www.dead.net). Called Playing In The Band, it provides the listener with the individual tracks of each instrument for four songs (five if you count the China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider medley as two distinct songs) from the Dead’s classic show from Veneta, Oregon on 8/27/72. The other songs, besides the aforementioned China/Rider are Bertha, Playing In The Band and Sugar Magnolia, classic Dead songs all. A virtual mixer allows the listener to mix the instruments respective volumes to taste. it let’s the listener isolate any combination of instruments and cooler still, give the listener the ability to position a given instrument within the total mix. You can listen to only Phil Lesh’s bass (something I’ve personally been enjoying) or listen to only Bob Weir’s guitar. You can listen to Weir and Garcia play off each other by panning one to the hard right and the other to a hard left. It you ever had trouble distinguishing who does what, this should help you figure it out. Needless to say, you can now play along in an immersive way that really is unique. The video below will explain.

Playing In The Band – A Grateful Dead Interactive Experience

The link to this is below. Enjoy.


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