“It’s Not Unusual” . . . : This Is Tom Jones T.V. Show

Continuing the T.V. nostalgia theme from the previous post, I remember sometimes watching Tom Jones on television. This was a little before my awareness of rock music kicked in so I really wasn’t that into it. In hindsight that was a pity because looking back now, the show has some really kick ass musical guests and some very impressive collaborations between Tom Jones and said guests.

The show itself was in many ways a typical T.V. variety show of it’s era (running from 1969 to 1971) and certainly seemed ‘uncool’ to rock music sensibilities but the list of rock music guests he has on is impressive. Additionally, when Jones sings with these guests, you can’t help but get your mind a little bit blown. Not only is the idea of Tom Jones singing with Janis Joplin or CSNY mind blowing but he more than hold his own in such company.


Little Richard & Tom Jones – Rip It Up – This is Tom Jones TV Show 1970


Tom Jones & Wilson Pickett Medley – This is Tom Jones TV Show 1970


Tom Jones & Joe Cocker – Delta Lady – This is Tom Jones TV Show 1970


One of the things that I love about these performances is the expression on the faces of people like Wilson Pickett and Janis Joplin. You can tell that they are truly having a great time. In particular, check out the look on David Crosby’s face during an incredible performance of “Long Time Gone”. This was recorded just a few weeks after Woodstock and while supposedly Neil Young was asking what were they doing on this “square” T.V. show, you can see his expression turn from disdain to “wow”.

Tom Jones & Janis Joplin – Raise Your Hand (1969)


Tom Jones Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young Long Time Gone 1969


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    Thanks for sending this.

    A testament to how important it is to keep an open mind (and ear).

    Best Wishes,


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