“Bring Out Your Dead” . . : Resources For The Quarantined Deadhead

Welcome my friends to crazy times here in NYC. Unless you literally live in a cave you’ve heard of the fun times we’re having here with Covid-19. Personally, I haven’t felt much of a change in my daily routine. Being the anti-social troll that I am, I have been self isolating and social distancing for years now but my old friend Stevo was quarantined (thankfully now finished) and was going a little stir crazy. Back in our college days, Stevo and I went to many a Dead show together so I thought it would be cool to let my fellow Deadheads know of a couple of Youtube channels to help pass the time in isolation.

Wall of Sound has been posting some great Dead shows (audio only). They’ve been of excellent sound quality, as befitting the channel’s name. A recent post that I’ve been enjoying is the complete Grateful Dead set at Watkins Glen on July 23 1973. I’ve previously only have heard the soundcheck so this was a pleasant surprise.

Grateful Dead – 7/28/73, Watkins Glen NY – Soundboard – Complete show

Check out all the other shows on the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOn8Nb8Tw5jyEmnmJIIZfTg/videos

The other channel I want to tell you about is OkieDeadhead. This kind soul has been sharing their impressive archive of Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia and other related material. A recent post of a March 19, 1977 show at the Winterland in San Francisco is a good example.

Grateful Dead 3/19/1977

You can find OkieDeadhead videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainTrips57/videos

Remember, a virus doesn’t care about your timeline so be safe and self-isolate.

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