A Blast From My Past: CPY at the Lone Star Roadhouse

I had a birthday not to long ago so I thought it would be appropriate to dig out something from the digital archives. In the late Eighties through the mid Nineties I played bass in a number of projects with a common pool of musicians. Often these projects lasted for literally one gig. One of the projects that actually lasted longer than that (i think something like 5 gigs) was a power trio I did with friend and amazing guitarist Frank Capeck and drummer Kieth Polishook called CPY. I never played in a power trio prior to this, the majority of bands I was in before this had two guitarists and sometimes a keyboard player. The change in format really did have an impact on the way I played bass in this band verses the larger ensembles. Ultimately, given the stark bare bones sound of the trio and the nature of the material, I went with a straight ahead no frills approach, Ultimately my job was to provide support for the guitarist to do his thing. Luckily we had a great guitarist who carried it off with style and grace.

The following clips are from the Lone Star Raodhound in NYC, somewhere around 1992. It’s from an old VHS video tape so sorry for the less than impressive video/sound quality.

CPY at the Lone Star Roadhouse – Led Boots

CPY at the Lone Star Roadhouse – Oh Well!

CPY at the Lone Star Roadhouse – Voodoo Chile

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2 comments on “A Blast From My Past: CPY at the Lone Star Roadhouse
  1. George Ligure says:

    Damn, how about a reunion?

  2. […] lucky). A great guitarist who I played with a great deal in the nineties, Frank Capeck (see https://roymusicusa.com/2020/01/27/a-blast-from-my-past-cpy-at-the-lone-star-roadhouse/) turned me on to the greatness that was Peter […]

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