Stick Theory – Bodega Cats (Original Song) on the Chapman Stick Guitar

This is my tune, Bodega Cats, played on the Chapman Stick Guitar (SG12). I’m using the double guitar tuning so it’s like two standard guitar necks joined together. This was the first tune I wrote on the Chapman Stick guitar. A couple of years ago, as part of MakeMusicNewYork event, I played a solo Stick performance in a small community garden on Manhattan’s lower east side. My repertoire was very limited so I needed to come up  with some extra material. In one of those rare instances when inspiration comes when you actually need it, this tune pretty much just came out. I started with the two chord vamp in the intro and the melody just came out. Same thing with the “B” section and that was it. Admittedly, this is not a complex tune. The chords are straight forward and the melody is composed of basically two riffs. That being said, a couple of people commented on how they liked it and I have to admit that I think it came out pretty well. I liked it enough that I decided to cut a full band version of it for the New Jazz Spasms cd, New York Movie. Check out both versions below.

Stick Theory – Bodega Cats (Original Song) on the Chapman Stick Guitar SG12

You can hear a version of the tune performed by my virtual band, The New Jazz Spasms here:


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2 comments on “Stick Theory – Bodega Cats (Original Song) on the Chapman Stick Guitar
  1. George says:

    Love that tune Roy!

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