Stick Theory: Dark Star (Grateful Dead Cover) on the Chapman Stick Guitar

I want to announce the start of a new YouTube playlist on the RoyMusicUSA YouTube channel called Stick Theory ( The playlist will feature solo Chapman Stick Guitar videos performed at the ManRoy studios here at Casa de RoyMusicUSA (okay, it’s my living room). The plan is to present videos of myself performing original and non-original music on the Chapman Stick Guitar. In the first of what I hope to be a regular series of videos, I present my cover of Dark Star by The Grateful Dead. Hearing Dark Star from the classic GD album Live Dead was one of those key moments that changed my life. As I wrote that previous sentence, I’m thinking, “God, that sounds stupid”, but as I think about it more, that sentence has some weight behind it. Live Dead was definitely one the records that made me want to make music, to make cool sounds like that.  All these years later, here I am, playing some weird ass instrument, trying to not suck at an attempt to do justice to the music that has inspired me for all these years.

Dark Star (Grateful Dead Cover) on the Chapman Stick Guitar

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