K.I.S.S. . . . : A Methodology To Help You Get Your Groove On.

Below is an excellent video from sax player/keyboard player Jeff Schneider who has a You Tube channel with a lot of cool information on improvisation, saxophone technique, r&b keyboards and other topics of interests to my fellow music nerds. This video deals with an idea that can benefit all musicians: improving your groove. It’s been my observation that one of the traits that distinguishes the advanced player from the intermediate one is their rhythmic authority, their ability to groove. Jeff presents what I consider to be a simple but effective exercise to help a musician solidify their ability to play with rhythmic confidence. Like many simple but effective ideas, it starts with the concept of less is more or to put it another way, Keep It Simple Stupid (a.k.a K.I.S.S.). Get a metronome, set the click for beats 2 & 4 (so that the click simulates a snare drum) and work on your groove, one note at a time. Jeff also makes an important point: to not just to play in time to the metronome but to learn how to convey feeling in your playing, which is the point of playing music all along.

4 Notes That Will Make Your Groove SOLID!!

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