“So You Wanna Play The Blues . .” : Cool Blues Guitar Instructional Videos Part III

Continuing my little mini series on instructional blues guitar videos, I want to call to your attention a cool website called Learning Guitar Now w/ John W. Tuggle (http://www.learningguitarnow.com/). The site has dozens of free instructional videos on blues guitar. The video quality is excellent with clear shots of the fretboard and the picking hand. Like the videos shown in the previous posts from Texas Blues Alley (http://texasbluesalley.com/), the approach is focused of leaning blues licks and touches on theory peripherally. Tuggle is pretty thorough in walking you through the lines, bringing up playing details like pre-bends, slides and quarter tone bends. They are not for the absolute beginner but for the intermediate and above level guitarist, they provide a great resource for increasing your blues vocabulary.

The videos below are great examples of what you can learn. The Clapton video touches on linking the different positions on the neck. The Warren Haynes shows a cool slow blues lick in a neck position that is usually not dealt with in most blues instructional material. The Duane Allman video show one of my favorite Duane licks from his solo on Stormy Monday from the classic Live At The Fillmore East record. These videos are just the tip of the iceberg to a cache of cool stuff to learn. Check them out at http://www.learningguitarnow.com/free-guitar-lessons/.

Also check out the Tuggle’s video courses (http://www.learningguitarnow.com/the-learning-guitar-now-store/). If they are as good as his free lessons, then they definitely are worth looking into.

Learning Guitar Now – Eric Clapton Slow Blues Guitar Lesson

Learning Guitar Now – Warren Haynes Slow Blues Lick Lesson Key of G

Learning Guitar Now – Duane Allman Stormy Monday Style Lesson



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