The Great What If . . . : A Beatles Alternate History

With the recent passing of George Martin, one’s thoughts inevitably turn to the Beatles and with it, “what if . . .” In previous posts, I have indulged in a bit of alternate history with the Grateful Dead, theorizing about albums that were never made so it’s no surprise that that others have indulged their fan fueled imagination to come up with their own Beatles related “what if’s”.

Below are links to two different blog posts that address the question of what record would The Beatles have made if they kept going a little longer. The first link is to a post on the web site Something Else! The post creates a playlist of a “Beatles” album comprised of songs from the immediate post-breakup 1970 solo albums put out by the former Fab Four. Such a intellectual exercise benefits from the ability to cherry pick the best stuff from four different records but also points out that many of these songs began during the band’s later years such as Harrison’s All Things Must Pass.  If you consider that such a record would have classics like My Sweet Lord, Maybe I’m Amazed and Working Class Hero, you would have an album that would compare favorably to Let It Be. Even the obligatory Ringo song (in this case, It Don’t Come Easy) would be a cut above tracks that served similar roles in later Beatles albums.

This second link is to a post on the blog Any Major Dude With Half A Heart (I am so jealous for not coming up with that name for my blog). It puts forth a fictional double record made up of solo material written up to 1971. As a result of allowing for a second record and an extra year’s worth of material to pick from, you get the benefit of being able to include songs like Jealous Guy, Instant Karma and Too Many People. It also makes the point of imagining what these songs could have been with John’s harmonies instead of Linda’s.

This final “what if” describes a 2010 “reunion” concert at Wembley Stadium. The concert it describes would have truly been one for the ages. Yet as I read it, a sense of sadness overtakes me knowing that it will never happen.


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2 comments on “The Great What If . . . : A Beatles Alternate History
  1. George says:

    Agreed, but sadder still would be witnessing a descent into mediocrity, although somehow I couldn’t imagine them allowing that to ever happen. Maybe they sensed that possibility.

  2. Nollan says:

    Hi thanks for sharing thiis

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