Cool Video Alert: 10 Things EVERY Bass Player Should Know

I recently came across an excellent YouTube channel called Scott’s Bass Lessons ( The channel features a collection of free online bass lessons. There is something for bassists of every skill level, beginner to advanced. The range of topics covered is very impressive: technique, bass lines and grooves, theory, gear, etc. The videos are presented by Scott Devine who makes for a very entertaining teacher and explains the material in an articulate manner that really help one grasp the point he’s trying to make.

Below are two of his videos that touch on very important concepts not only for bassists but for all musicians. The first one, “10 Things EVERY Bass Player Should Know” stresses the importance of developing your time sense (your “groove”), focused practice sessions, ear training, technical command of your instrument, knowledge of music theory and having the right attitude. At the end of the video he invites us to add our own items to the list in the YouTube comments section. I am particularly impressed that he often replies to the comments offered. This level of interaction with his You Tube audience is truly commendable.       

10 Things EVERY Bass Player Should Know /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

The video below is interesting because it deals with the things that we should avoid as bassists. Things like not paying attention to the true duration of the note (a whole note should be played as a whole note,a eight note should be played as a eight note), poor muting technique and not using dynamics and accents in your playing. It should provide a wake up call to any bassist watching it (myself included).

6 Common Mistakes Made by Bass Players and How to Avoid Them /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

I have only watched a small number of the videos available on Scott’s YouTube channel but the ones I have watched so far have all shown that Scott is committed to excellence and wants us to be as well. That how we all get to the next level.

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  1. […] the excellent You Tube channel Scott’s Bass Lessons (about who I wrote about previously, see ) has a good playlist of videos that serve as a solid  primer on the […]

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