The Mother Of All Funk Chords: A Brillant Video from Kutiman

I have previously featured the work from the artist Kutiman when I showcased his video “My Favorite Band”. With that video, Kutiman took up to 80 You Tube videos of assorted musicians doing Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and edited them together to create a great mashup cover version of the Led Zep tune. This time I want to feature another video of his that uses a similar method but this time to create an original song. Once again, Kutiman takes snippets of seemingly unrelated musician videos and layers them together to create a new beast altogether. It strikes me that this is not unlike the sampling of old vinyl records to create a hip-hop or dance music track but here it’s someone using You Tube videos as the source material, creating not just a new song but the song’s video as well.
The video itself is awesome. As the “My Favorite Band” video shows the ubiquity of Led Zeppelin for rock musicians, this one demonstrates the pervasiveness of the one chord funk jam (and yes, they all inevitably seem to be based on the E9th chord). I’ve been involved in more of these than I care to remember and I’ve instigated more of these than I am willing to admit. Some of them were great fun. Others seemed like they would go on forever and yet they never seemed to go anywhere at all. The virtual one presented here is definitely one of the fun ones. Enjoy.

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