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“Lucky Day” . . . : The Importance of the Thirteenth of May

This past thirteenth of May was my mother’s 95th birthday. While I admit to my lack of objectivity on the matter, she is one of the most amazing people . . ever. Born in Vienna, Austria in 1927, she has

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“Stick With It” . . . : Hector Otto and the Chapman Stick Guitar (SG-12)

I first became aware of Hector Otto, also known as Hectory, while I was looking at the website of Chapman Stick Enterprises. I had been fooling around with a Chapman Stick that I got off Ebay but I was feeling

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“You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do” . . : Changing Guitar Strings

If you’re a guitarist like me, you are not fond of having to change your strings. As a result, I sometimes keep the strings on a guitar longer than they should, usually till they are so worn out that they

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‘It Tolls For Thee” . . . : Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells

I remember I was fifteen years old in my bedroom reading Rolling Stone magazine (I thought I was so cool . . . ha!) and I saw this ad for a new record called Tubular Bells. I was a precocious

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“Crazy Fingers” . . . : Grateful Dead on Classical Guitar

I’ve been listening to a lot of classical guitar these past few months. Mostly Bach, some Vivaldi but I’ll leave that for another post. Anyway, given my listening habits I guess that it was inevitable that the Great YouTube Algorithm

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“Ease My Worried Mind” . . : The Sad Tale Of Jim Gordon

Rock music has more than it’s share of weird and tragic stories but this one is one it’s weirder and more tragic ones. At one time, Jim Gordon was one of rock music’s most admired and in demand drummers. During

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“I’m Just Trying To Break Your Heart” . . : Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Teaches You To Write One Song

“If you want to think of yourself as a songwriter, write songs.” – Jeff Tweedy For a long time I would read about the band Wilco (and it’s predecessor, Uncle Tupalo) but never really listened to them. That changed when

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Holiday Haiku 2021

We Bid You GoodnightA Song A Deadhead Knows WellHappy Holidays Wire Wood & Steel · We Bid You Goodnight

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“Hey! Oy! Let’s Goy!” . . : Kursten & Grohl The Hanukah Sessions

As tonight marks the last night of Hanukkah 2021, it’s a fitting time to mention the series of cover song videos put out by producer Greg Kurstin (who is Jewish) and renaissance mensch Dave Grohl (who isn’t) called appropriately enough,

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“King Of The Mountain” . . : The Band Midnight Oil

I saw a news item today announcing that the forthcoming tour of Australian group Midnight Oil in support of a new album, Resist, will be their final one. The band was a fixture of Australia’s alternative rock scene but began to get

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